Plastic Jacket Info
If you've never worn vinyl clothes before, you should probably be aware of a few practical issues with our plastic coats:

Don't get stuck.

Vinyl and skin tend to stick to each other, especially if a little sweat is involved. Normally, this won't be a problem, but if you're wearing a size that's a little small for you, it can become difficult to pull your bare arms out without someone else around to help. Note that this is also a great way to make friends!

Be gentle with me!

Vinyl is a very different material from woven or knitted fabrics -- once it starts to tear, there's nothing to stop it. We've reinforced our jackets in all the places where they might start to rip, and we've thoroughly tested them while out on the town. But of course, we can't foresee every possible use of these jackets, so just remember: a little suavity will greatly help your jacket's longevity.

Vinyl doesn't breathe.

You can expect to get hot and sweaty fairly quickly if you're dancing in one of our jackets. Of course, you will look incredibly sexy in the process.

Vinyl doesn't tan, either.

Strong, direct sunlight will eventually cause vinyl to become brittle and crack. Normal exposure isn't a problem, but leaving your jacket lying on your dashboard for weeks isn't advised.

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